Monday, May 2, 2011

El Lissitzky

The name of this piece is Beat the whites with Red wedge by the famous El Lissitzky. It is a constructivism poster. I liked the pallete and the basic geometric shapes.


The name of this piece is Open-Minded. It is by a designer and good friend of mine Named Josh Gary. In this piece he used more than 1000 layers in photoshop. The detail on this piece is jaw droping. If you would like to see more of his work you should check out his website at

Pure Talent

The name of this piece is Malice. It is by a philipine artist Name Jonathan Laing. The significane of Mr. Laing's work is that he uses alcohol based markers and makes his pieces look like they were done digitally. This piece shows mastery of his medium of choice. He is the type of artist that likes to stick to tradition even though there are easier ways for him to produce his art.

Realistic Portrait

This is a portrait Titled Bad Hair day. This piece was done in Graphite pencil by and artist who goes by the online name of Klsadako whether or not that is here birth name is beyond me. She is my favorite portrait artist. I love her work because she makes her graphite portraits look like photographs. Its like something that I have never seen before. And she doesn't mine putting 20+ hours into each piece.In the piece it is almost as though you can see every strand of hair.


Graffiti is one of my favorite forms of art. I've been doing it myself for a while. When we were first assigned our final projects the first thing that came into my head was to do a piece on a wall. I think that this piece really portrays a 4d aspect. The graffiti artist that did this is named toonz. of course you won't find his real name.

Sunday, May 1, 2011

I do not know the name of the designer of this piece, but i remember that I saw it around the time that a one of my friends decided to do a typographic portrait. I thought that it was insane that its possible to make a portrait completly from words. It just so happens that thos are names of songs and lyrics from rihianna.

This is a piece by the an artist named Nick La. I personally love when graphic designers bring an illustration side to graphic design. The imagination and creativity of this shows that graphic desing is more than just using programs, it takes real skill and mastery to perfrom.