Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Leviathon - Paul A. Romano

This is the album cover for the album Leviathan by Mastodon. The album is loosely based on Moby Dick, and the cover is fucking gnarly. all kinds of cool shit going on here, i would like to take my art in a direction like this, mixing fantasy and fiction and whatnot. theres so much to look here i dont really know which part is my favorite. Mastodon is a local atlanta band that hit it fairly big as far as metal music is concerned. if you haven't heard the album i suggest you pick it up or try and check it out on the internets cause its fuckin tiiiiiiiiiiiight.............

"MBT Firewalker" by Alexey "Karanak"


This is one of those drawings that is simply amazing from a technical perspective. From the insane amount of detail on the vehicle, to all of the logistic specifications of its weaponry, countermeasures, and etc., its a truly impressive piece of imagination. The detail is amazing, and the fact that this thing seems like a plausible vehicle with all of the technical specifications is very impressive.

Anatomy drawing on cast

This is a cast with anatomical illustrations hand-drawn by Heather Tomkins. I really enjoy the use of medium in this "piece," in that what is illustrated on the medium also shows what is contained underneath the medium. The drawing tells the story of the body located inside of it. For my project I am incorporating similar elements of containment and unveiling of basic anatomical components.

Monday, November 29, 2010

Celestial Tree by Robert Venosa

"Under the tutelage of Mati Klarwein, Venosa learned to paint the fantastic with incredible detail as their New York City loft was visited by the likes of Jimi Hendrix, Miles Davis, Jackie Kennedy and Dr. Timothy Leary." (from a website)

This guy is amazing!

David Stephenson


This guy is amazing. I found this a while ago and I think it's the epitome if two-dimensional design. If my landlord would let me, I would attempt this in a heartbeat.

"Dogs playing poker: Waterloo" by C.M. Coolidge

This painting is from the "Dogs playing poker" series by Cassius Marcellus Coolidge. This piece is called "Waterloo" but was originally titled "Judge St. Bernard Wins on a Bluff".
C. M. Coolidge was an American visual artist. He was commissioned in 1903 by Brown and Bigelow to advertise cigars. He created 16 paintings for the company, 9 of the 16 depict dogs playing poker. I always liked these paintings and thought they were fun.

Andy Warhol’s “Gold Marilyn Monroe”

Andy Warhol’s “Gold Marilyn Monroe” is by far one of my favorite pieces of art. It is the first painting ever remember seeing as a child, even though at that time I did not have the slightest idea of who the portrait was of. I’ve always been very drawn to this piece. It is obviously a portrait of one of the most recognizable figures in pop culture, Marilyn Monroe. All one sees in the image is here head. Marilyn’s face is very life-like. The color choices in the piece are what make it appear not completely true to life. The color scheme Warhol used in the piece is the Split-Complemcentary colorscheme. Her face is a pale violet with spots of a blue/green to indicate her eye shadow and clothing. Her hair is painted orange; as is the border that the portrait is surrounded by.

Sunday, November 28, 2010

this an example of a Synesthesia inspired watercolor. Notice the wavy lines and and blotches of color and the colored dots. This is an example of what a synesthetic might see when he or she hears or 'sees' music

Monday, November 22, 2010

"Cherry Blossoms" Carl Radke

Carl Radke has been a favorite artist of mine for years. He is most known for his blown glass pieces. I didn't even know about this painting - "Cherry Blossoms". It looks like he just used a monochromatic red in this painting. I like it.

"Nude Descending a Staircase No.2" by Marcel Duchamp

This piece is called "Nude Descending a Staircase No. 2" by Marcel Duchamp. Duchamp was a French surrealist and dadaist artist. I like the color scheme of this piece. I really like the raw quality of this painting as well. I like the harsh lines and contrast of it.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

which one is a better idea?


and illustrated version of that guys nursery rhymes?

Or something like this guys illustrations of his favorite movies. this is obviously the scene from big lebowski, at the bowling alley when the "Jesus," characfer is introduced. which can be seen here...

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

"Floating Ruins" by Randis Albion


This is one of those images that just makes the viewer go "Wow." The sheer scope of this picture is fantastic, really giving an imposing feeling that this is a massive landmark in this fantasy world. The sheer size of the floating island castle is really impressive, and makes the viewer wonder just what is up there and why the young woman is there. The composition is also very well though out, with elements leading the audience's eyes around the floating islands and leading back to the woman and the castles at the apex of the image.

Monday, November 15, 2010

"Untitled" by Jackson Pollock

Normally I am not a huge fan of Pollock but I dig this one. It has more definition than his other paintings. I like the balance and color combinations. It was painted in 1939-1940. This piece was one of 100 pieces selected for the Twentieth Century American Drawings from the Arkansas Arts Center

Vladimir Kush “Visitor”

I recently discovered Vladimir Kush and he has quickly become one of my favorite artists. Most of his work would be classified as Surrealism. I was drawn to this piece in particular because it is very indicative of dreams. It also has a magical expect to it.
http://www.vladimirkush.com/popup.php?id=290&category=Originals/Available Originals

"Rubber Soul"

I know this is a photo of an album cover, but technically it is still art. I really love the perspective of the photograph and how it has an odd stretched look. The photo was taken by Bob Freeman, who did a lot of work for the Beatles. The lettering was created by Charles Front. From what I remember, the way the photo on the album came about was by accident. They were looking through photos on a slide projector and it had fallen back and it gave it a distorted look and the guys really liked the way it looked.
Meta, would you mind posting a link or picture of those little limbs with the holes in them that you were talking about? I'm interesting in finding out more about those. Thanks

Deterioration of Mind over Matter - Otto Rapp

Pretty fucking cool. I am thinking about implementing a little bit of surrealism into my final project, and this painting definitely has an influence on me. The bone deterioration is painted really well, and I love the droopiness Rapp captures. It reminds me a bit of Dali, but it's a lot more morbid than most of Dali's works I've seen. I think this is watercolor?

Final Project

1) I want to make a series of compositions on canvas, landmarking different significant times in my life. I will use acrylics and hard pastels.
2) for a second option, I will do an interpretive self portrait on a large canvas because it like it so much. It will be done with acrylics.
3) For the last option, I will take a photo of the student rush hour in between classes and make a drawing based on how I view the people.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

Jane Mackay

this is an example of an artist who paints using their Synesthesia. you can kind of see letters and number in the yellow. The red bold lines create a sort of psychedelic effect and reflects how I see things

Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Final Project Ideas

1. A childrens book using adult themes disguised with child like imagery. kinda like some of the old disney stuff when you look really hard for it. probably on a thick parchment like paper, thats about 10-20 pages long, depending on how well i do at sketching it out....
2. series of water colors with oil pastels mixed in, displaying the seven deadly sins
3. nude self portrait..... which will only be worked on in class................

Dust Art - Scott Wade

This is done on the back of cars, and all he really does is use water and a brush to remove areas to recreate classic images, very cool example of temporary art.

Peter Donnelley, Sand Artist

This was done by Peter Donnelley, obviously in the sand. I thought this was a very interesting medium. There are suprisingly a number of sand artist out there. I chose this one because it was not a sculpture type piece which most of the other ones are. I really like the shape of this whole piece, and how it seems to just come out of no where. I also think the squares are awesome. I would not even know where to begin if I had to do something like this.

art show?

again disregarding the shitty photo quality, just something i did after working on my diptych and couldn't sleep.. debating putting it in the show with the other one.. yeah, no, or any suggestions for changes??

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

"Clone War" by Livio Ramondelli

I really like this amazing piece by Livio Ramondelli, because it packs so much atmosphere in a single image. The rain falling down on the clone troopers and star destroyers fly overhead, its just a wholly engrossing and impressive visual. There is also good contrast here in color, despite the fact that the majority of the image is very dark an bleak. The cool blue glow of the hologram, contrasts the heat of the ships' engines in the background. Overall, this image truly captures "Star Wars' in an awesome way.

Final Project Ideas

For my final I really want to take a well know children's story and reinvent it.

1 Im thinking about doing The Three Little Pigs story. Except instead of pigs and a wolf it will be little pandas and an evil tiger(maybe) and I'm going to change the story around a little. I have a 9" x 12" hardbound notebook to put the story in. I was thinking of collaging the story with a little drawing. I'm still trying to figure out what to do about the text.
And I if I were to do this, I would have the pandas defeat/kill the tiger, but I feel bad since Tigers are endangered. :( So I'm still trying to figure out if I will use Tigers or not.

2. I guess an alternative would be making one to three or so big pieces summarizing the story instead of having it in a book.

3. I could do another story besides the Three Little Pigs.

3 ideas

1. This was not in my original 10 but I was thinking about doing something involving a tree painting( and other materials) with different sized clayboards(or something like it). All of the different pieces making one picture. Maybe have each piece a different medium but all of them connected.
2. A mirrored type piece, maybe using actual mirrors and the image being mirrored.
3. Something on a scratch board, not sure what I would put on it yet though.

3 ideas for the final project

1. Make an animation
2. Paint a scene on an old door
3. hinge/attach several records together and paint them

3 final ideas for the final

Here are my 3 final ideas for the final project

1. Make a film

2. Make a stop-motion animation

3. Paint a mural in a toilet

Monday, November 8, 2010

The Final-Final Ideas...

1. Re-Create collage-head self-portrait study on 30 x 40 paper
2. With the revised 'collage-head' self portrait I wanted to project film footage on paper to make piece seem more alive
3. Create a series of 50-60 minature watercolor and graphite drawings as part of a long narrative. Drawings will tell a bizzare, non-linear tale. (This could also be part proposal as well)

Still Life with Wooden Vase by Hang

Hang is an artist from Vietnam and she has quite a few paintings on her website that I am a fan of. I liked her still life painting before I saw the photo and even more after I saw it. I like her use of dark colors and the void in the wooden vase is cool.

Peter Nagel “Parade”


Even though this piece is rather empty, I find something about to be very I interesting. The only colors found in the image are blue, yellow and red. The figure, as well as the ground it sits on are made up of shades of grey, black and white. The figure appears to be an abstracted soccer player. The black and white stripes that make up the soccer player makes it up pop against the blue sky. The yellow and red ball also stand out a great deal.

Narrowed down ideas

Okay, my ideas have been narrowed down to three:
1)Paint something interesting with tea. For example, I drink a cup of tea every morning
(What? I'm British.) I'm thinking of doing a series of small watercolor-like paintings of my daily tea bag (oh, shut up) with the tea and some thin, black pen contour lines.
2) Do a series of daily drawings based on the first thing someone says to me each day. Super conceptual. I don't know how feasible this is because I still don't know what "Hey, how's it goin'?" looks like.
3)Objects with "ingredients, " chemical structures, and physics equations written on the respective objects with pen or paint pen depending on the material. The writing would look very textbook and not stylized. For example, a hot water bottle with it's chemical makeup (cis-1,4-polyisoprene, copper phthalocyanine blue, etc) technical drawings of said chemicals, and a whole lots of physics equations about heat properties and conductivity.

"Jazz Still Life" by Keith Mallett

This piece is called "Jazz Still Life" by Keith Mallett. Mallett is an American artist. I really like this painting. It is abstract, but you can still tell what it is suppose to be. I really like the colors that he used also.

children book Ideas

children book Ideas:
1)duck and kitten go on an adventure teaching them about idealism
2)metaphorical concept of the wind and how it gains it's courage
3)a metaphysical concept about a child with an over active imagination
4)kid with the inability to sleep and stays up and creates beautiful masterpieces
5)three year old who sees music in objects and the way they are positioned
6)kid who sees color when he hears sound
7)little girl and her struggles with sexism at a young age
8)book about many animals who fight to get equality
9)overly adventurous kid and his many exploitations
10)little boy who has the power to see hidden worlds

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Silk Neural Network - Shoshanah Dubiner

For my final project, I'm thinking about doing something abstract that is heavily inspired by the brain and its neuronal functions ... I thought this was a pretty cool example of a representation of that, especially with the added theme of spider and web. The labyrinthine section at the bottom of the piece is really intriguing as well. I will definitely be browsing more ideas like these in order to find inspiration for the final work.

Friday, November 5, 2010

10 Ideas

1. Comic book
2. 3D sculpture made from foam-core. I would add texture and color to the surface.
3. Series of paintings interpreting my three favorite songs.
4. Series of large scale paintings of my favorite Pop Icons.
5. Series of large scale paintings of my favorite places.
6. Children’s Book.
7. Altered Book
8. Mural
9. Collage
10. Video using stop motion animation

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Final Project

1. i want to do a detailed selfportrait of how we all feel on the inside....yea...i know crazy 2. a perspective drawing on how we view the world. 3. a composition on body figures. 4. a project where we try to recreate a famous painiting or drawing using acrylics...hard..lol. 5. a piece were we try to convey the most using the least. 6. draw what r kids would look like. 7. draw a our fears. 8. crazy perspectives..9. compose a face with one color. 10. make a drawing using our off hand..i.e. left handed people draw with their right and vice versa.

more upcoming pre-thanksgiving deadlines...

Nov 9
Still Life is due
Decide what piece will go in the class show
Narrow down final project to 3 ideas- post on blog no later than nov 9. I will approve your ideas via the blog so you can begin work on the 11th.

Nov 11
Bring supplies to class to begin working on final project
By the end of class turn in a written timeline for your project progress
Bring your show piece READY TO HANG with title, name, date and medium

Nov 14
Sunday night I will hang your show at Kavarna. Anyone who would like to help is welcome to show up

Nov 16
Show at Kavarna 6-8pm 707 East Lake Dr. Decatur GA 30030

Nov 18
Work day

Some considerations for your final project...

- What are you trying to convey with your piece?
- Who is your audience?
- How is your piece presented? (ie on the wall, on the floor, in public, suspended, etc...)
- How does the presentation relate to the concept of the piece?
- How do your materials relate to the concept of your piece?
- Are there other unique factors? (Is it interactive, temporary, etc...)

These are all questions to consider while formulating your plan. Also they will need to be addressed in the final presentation, which will consist of the following:

1. The final piece presented in it's proper state. For example, if its an outdoor piece, we'll go outside. If its multiple pieces, set them up as they are to be displayed. You can use other spaces in the building besides our classroom.

2. A 7-10 minute presentation in which you discuss your concept, process, materials, artistic influences, etc.

3. A typed artist statement.

These will be presented on December 7 and 9 (8 people per day). You will draw dates closer to the end.

Tentative Ideas

1. Painting something interesting with tea.
2. Drawing/painting a stylized (or not) infrared spectrum on an object.
3. Diptych with birdcage on one panel and small, escaped bird on the other. In two different styles, maybe using photo transfer.
4. Dismembering a book and making something, though this seems blasphemous.
5. Experiment with painting on layers of resin.
6. Large molecule painting with photo transferred faces of my friend Teddy on the atoms.
7. "Ingredients" list, molecular structures and physics equations drawn/painted on an object like a baseball bat or coffee pot.
8. Series of daily drawings based on what the first thing someone said to me that day.
9. Found object painted with the scene of where I found it.
10. Making something out of the thousands of old slide-projector slides of my father's.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

final project

1) I really want to do a thing like the Humument idea, I liked that alot.
2) maybe some sort of collage because I enjoy that also.
3) something with xacto knife stencils and spray paint, i used to make stencils more often and would kind of like that
4) draw? something on some all white vans...
5) series of ink drawings
........... I really cannot come up 5 more ideas. If anybody has suggestions that would be great.


For the final project I know I want it to have a lot of color.

1. I really liked the book idea where you add things to the pages of a chapter book.

2. make a large portrait made with interesting items like. I think I would do it of a singer I really like.

3. I was also thinking of getting a picture book I used to really like and sort of re create it in n interesting way.

4.Or I could pick out one page(from the picture book) I like and recreate a scene in collage and paint or some other media.

5. Maybe I could get a blank book and fill the pages. I think I would make it have a theme so the pages aren't too random.

6. make something on a puzzle and do something interesting with the puzzle.

7.sculpt something

8. Make an underwater ocean scene

9. A large self-portrait

10. make a christmas scene with lyrics of Christmas songs.

Final Project

1. Make a short childrens book using a small sketchbook my cousin made me for xmas.
2. Do a 4 piece painting series of my favorite marvel character.
3. Take shrooms and draw whatever come2 to mind.
4. Pin-up style portraits of my favorite pinup ladies.
5. gigantic watercolor mural of something or other....????
6. found object collage, and possibly a drawing to go along with it...
7. abstract thing done outta beer bottle caps
8. giant painting dedicated to proposition 19/ legalizing marijuana
9. tribute illustration for the decadence of 80's hair metal.
10. really large fantasy poster, with something to do with greek or german mythology....

Final Ideas

Final Project Ideas:
1. Re-Create collage-head self-portrait study on 30 x 40 paper
2. Create a series of 30-45 minature watercolor drawings as part of a narrative. Drawings will tell a bizzare, non-linear tale
3. Attempt to re-create a live version of a surreal painting on film. Eg: Rene Magritte
4. Juxtapose 3 different perspectives of the same image together. One on film, the second in a photograph and the third as a drawing.
5. A diptych piece that showcases two stages of a still life. One piece would be a drawing and the other would be on film. In drawing, still-life would appear 'whole' while on film the still-life would either be moving 0r detoriating. Either way I want to show a stark contrast in imagery.
6. With the revised 'collage-head' self portrait I wanted to project film footage on paper to make piece seem more alive
7. Present film on my back. I thought it may be cool to project film footage on back as part installation/live-performance piece.
8. Incorporate collage drawing, film and live performance in one. I was thinking of sitting in front of drawing and have both film projection to reflect both on back and on drawing surface at the same time.
9. Create a series of 50-60 minature watercolor and graphite drawings as part of a long narrative. Drawings will tell a bizzare, non-linear tale.
10. Install film as a living painting. I was probably thinking that to have 2 or 3 moving 30-sec images projected on wall. These images would be bordered by an actual frame.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

some ideas

1. draw a bunch of different cartoon-like body parts, cut them out and string similar parts together (string of legs, string of nipples, string of arms, etc.)... present them all together in some interesting way
2. string different objects, wrap them around something (think of stringing popcorn and putting it around a Christmas tree, but with things that are not tacky and not inspired by the birth of Jesus)
3. abstract oil pastel drawing covered with cut-out drawn neural network, somehow made 3d
4. photobox full of trinkets
5. michael jackson memorial caricature
6. paper food
7. crazy knit objects
8. something inspired by periods or vaginas or semicolons
9. abstract characters that look like cartoony uteruses floating in beautiful backgrounds
10. many abstract pieces put up together, all encompassing a single abstract idea, such as "flow," or "grow," or "form," etc. (Need to come up with central idea first)
1. hinge/attach several records together and paint them
2. Paint a scene on an old door
3. Make an animation
4. Make a film
5. Paint scenes of turner field on baseballs and photograph them
6. Photograph sidewalk chalk drawings/paintings
7. paint something on an old car hood
8. Make a collage/wax painting (with candle wax)
9. create a picture out of human hair
10. make a plaster mold of something then paint something on it.

10 possible project ideas

10 Project Ideas-

1. Make a film

2. Make an animation film

3. Take an old guitar and break it up and paint on the body

4. Large scale collage

5. More velvet paintings (maybe with cheetos)

6. Doing something with a book looks cool.

7. Painting a scene on a lamp shade

8. Painting a mural in a toilet

9. Painting a scene on silk

10. Gut an old T.V. and painting something to fit inside and do something with lights inside of it.

Diptych project

Disregarding the tiger, shitty cell phone quality pictures, and random marks at the top left of my sketches, are there any suggestions for colors of the table on bottom left sketch or the egg holder things in both. I made the cup red as you can see and I want to leave the background color white, but I'm stuck on these two things. Thanks, Adam

Project Ideas - Kyle

So far, these are my ideas:
1- A book where the pages open up in 3d, like those children's book where they open the page and something lifts up from the pages.
2- A flip-book where you quickly use your thumb to go through all the pages, I would essentially be making an animation with it.
3- A "character creator". I would set up a simple 2d character model and make several drawn pieces of clothing, character expressions and faces, and the audience can make a character from it. I would probably use magnets or velcro for the pieces to stick.
4- A "comic creator". i would lay down several base panels, along with dry-erase speech bubbles, and several various drawing of characters with different expressions. The audience could then organize these however they want to make their own mini-comic.
5- A 2d piece with several 3d elements sprouting out from it to add depth and shadows, which would show different things based on where the light hits.
6 - a 2d piece with a light bulb behind it that would allow for beams of light to show throuhg specific parts of the artwork.
7 - Some sort of animation, 2d. Could do it on computer, or paper.
8- Something similar to 6, but on black paper and the slider would be used to show different parts of the piece, some viewable while others are swallowed by the shadows.
9- Maybe something involving knights and dragons, with movable elements to add interest.
10- Same concept as 9, with movable pieces within the work, but instead of fantasy it would be sci-fi with ships and such.

Project ideas

So far one of the only ideas I have is to make something for my sister. She is graduating in December and I thought if it turned out nice I could give it to her for a graduation present, and I find making things for other people helps motivate me.
1. I could do some sort of a portrait of her?
2. Maybe one of the both of us
3. A mixed media portrait
4. scratchboard (I like these)
5. Maybe something to do with her and her boyfriend (because she would like it)
6. Some sort of sculpture
7. Maybe something that she could use like some sort of jewlery or something
8. Something involving pictures of her/us in a collage type of thing
9. She likes making things with beer bottle tops, so maybe something involving that
10. And we are twins so maybe I can use that in some sort of mirrored picture or something involving the fact that we are twins

I have a long way to go but at least I think I have a theme.
Let me know if anyone has any cool ideas.

My 10 Project ideas

The following are the ideas I have come up with for the final project.

1) Photographic Mosaic.
2) One of those book things (the one where the guy painted the pages of the book)
3) A Textportrait maybe?
4) Some sort of drawing on shoes, I have always wanted to do that.
5) Maybe a series of something involving the 7 deadly sins, i did a little project in highschool art using this theme and loved it.
6) Something involving animals.
7) Another Diptych.
8) A collage.
9) An Angles vs. Demons thing perhaps.
10) Carving Egg Shells (it just looks really cool)

These are just the ideas i have so far. Might come up with better ones later.

"Lemme have my last smoke" by 'andrahilde'


I really enjoy looking at this piece of work, simply because it seems to tell the story of a single character in a very basic way. The blood and eye patch make the character appear to be some sort of rough fighter who might be arrogant or stubborn, or simply seen a lot of action in her day. Her expression also appears concerned, but not overly angry or upset, but concentrated. The red hair seems to flow with the elements of blood scattered around, while contrasting th dark background. All of the elements seem to work together, making your eyes look around and see all the grungy detail sued throughout the painting.

Monday, November 1, 2010

"Goldfish" by Robert Joseph Rich

He etched for Zsa Zsa Gabor, Colgate-Palmolive-Corporate Headquarters, Marvel Comics and the Trump Taj Mahal. (I didn't know that Trump had a Taj Majal). Anyway, I like his work and hope I can do a fraction of what he can with glass/mirror. Wish me luck guys!

"Still-Life" by Willem Kalf

This piece is called "Still-Life" by Willem Kalf. Willem was a Dutch painter who specialized in still life paintings. Most of his pieces features a porcelain Chinese bowl. His pieces have a great deal of detail and I like his work.

Still Life Portraiture

"Perspective: Manet's Balcony II", 1950
Rene Magritte

This 50's painting by surrealist artist Rene Magritte is very intriguing because though it technically reads as a still life it is very much a portraiture. Here Magritte makes these hard hollow caskets seem as though they have soul. They feel very human by the way he contours each line and the shading he gives to objects. It is very interesting how he obscures the line between what is considered an object and a figural piece. This overlapping of meanings is very powerful because it makes you wonder what kind of family is this? Why are they entombed? Though they are grouped together and read as a whole they each seem a world apart. You definitely get the sense of devastating alienation and loss looking at family--what it is I am not quite sure as each casket holds their own dark secrets.

Salvador Dali " Illumined Pleasures".

This piece is an homage to the film industry. Dali was very intrigued by motion pictures and that is what he is trying to convey. The painting is very whimsical in true Dali fashion.

Genesis 1: 24-25 By Tina Bradford

This is a Diptych called Genesis 1:24-25 by Tina Bradford. This picture catches my eye with the way it was painted but what draws me in is what i almost didn't see. At the bottom there are horses who are semi-transparent running through the picture. The way the work flows gives a calmness or a at one with nature feel.

"Sweet Tooth"

This still life is made with watercolor by Terrece Beesley. This picture is so fun! I really like all the colors of the candy wrappers. I also like how she put comics under the candy. The colors of the candy are a great contrast to the grey comics. I think there is a good balance of candy and comic, so both stand out.