Tuesday, November 2, 2010

My 10 Project ideas

The following are the ideas I have come up with for the final project.

1) Photographic Mosaic.
2) One of those book things (the one where the guy painted the pages of the book)
3) A Textportrait maybe?
4) Some sort of drawing on shoes, I have always wanted to do that.
5) Maybe a series of something involving the 7 deadly sins, i did a little project in highschool art using this theme and loved it.
6) Something involving animals.
7) Another Diptych.
8) A collage.
9) An Angles vs. Demons thing perhaps.
10) Carving Egg Shells (it just looks really cool)

These are just the ideas i have so far. Might come up with better ones later.


  1. The idea of carving on egg shells sounds really neat, and interesting.

  2. I think the text portrait would be so cool to look at!