Tuesday, November 2, 2010

some ideas

1. draw a bunch of different cartoon-like body parts, cut them out and string similar parts together (string of legs, string of nipples, string of arms, etc.)... present them all together in some interesting way
2. string different objects, wrap them around something (think of stringing popcorn and putting it around a Christmas tree, but with things that are not tacky and not inspired by the birth of Jesus)
3. abstract oil pastel drawing covered with cut-out drawn neural network, somehow made 3d
4. photobox full of trinkets
5. michael jackson memorial caricature
6. paper food
7. crazy knit objects
8. something inspired by periods or vaginas or semicolons
9. abstract characters that look like cartoony uteruses floating in beautiful backgrounds
10. many abstract pieces put up together, all encompassing a single abstract idea, such as "flow," or "grow," or "form," etc. (Need to come up with central idea first)


  1. I like number 2! You could still you use a tree like thing. Do you know what objects you would use for that one?

  2. uteruses!!!!

    or i could let you use my stencil for the semicolon thing heeh ;-)