Thursday, November 4, 2010

Some considerations for your final project...

- What are you trying to convey with your piece?
- Who is your audience?
- How is your piece presented? (ie on the wall, on the floor, in public, suspended, etc...)
- How does the presentation relate to the concept of the piece?
- How do your materials relate to the concept of your piece?
- Are there other unique factors? (Is it interactive, temporary, etc...)

These are all questions to consider while formulating your plan. Also they will need to be addressed in the final presentation, which will consist of the following:

1. The final piece presented in it's proper state. For example, if its an outdoor piece, we'll go outside. If its multiple pieces, set them up as they are to be displayed. You can use other spaces in the building besides our classroom.

2. A 7-10 minute presentation in which you discuss your concept, process, materials, artistic influences, etc.

3. A typed artist statement.

These will be presented on December 7 and 9 (8 people per day). You will draw dates closer to the end.

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