Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Final Project

1. Make a short childrens book using a small sketchbook my cousin made me for xmas.
2. Do a 4 piece painting series of my favorite marvel character.
3. Take shrooms and draw whatever come2 to mind.
4. Pin-up style portraits of my favorite pinup ladies.
5. gigantic watercolor mural of something or other....????
6. found object collage, and possibly a drawing to go along with it...
7. abstract thing done outta beer bottle caps
8. giant painting dedicated to proposition 19/ legalizing marijuana
9. tribute illustration for the decadence of 80's hair metal.
10. really large fantasy poster, with something to do with greek or german mythology....


  1. These are very creative ideas haha. I like your second idea. I think that'd be really cool. Who's your favorite?

  2. it used to be spiderman till all the movies came out and made him too popular for my taste, as most of the writing for his storyline became very watered down and commercial. however now its Thor the Norse God of Thunder, who has a movie coming out soon, but i doubt itll receive the same fame as spidey...

  3. Steve I think you should do either the marijuana piece or pin-up and could even make it feature certain body parts instead of the entire figure to throw off the expected idea of a pinup. I think whatever you choose would be interesting.

  4. This is something I've been wanting to do but don't know how I feel about presenting it for my art class..
    anyway, it'd be fucking sweet if you did shrooms and created a series of pieces, and then did some other drug and created another series of pieces. You could do about 3 or 4 drugs total, and try to make all of the pieces be based on one central theme (the theme could be something like your favorite comic book character...or anything, really). It would be a cool way to comparatively look at your style with differing influences.
    Just be safe and conscientious with your drug use ;)