Thursday, November 4, 2010

Tentative Ideas

1. Painting something interesting with tea.
2. Drawing/painting a stylized (or not) infrared spectrum on an object.
3. Diptych with birdcage on one panel and small, escaped bird on the other. In two different styles, maybe using photo transfer.
4. Dismembering a book and making something, though this seems blasphemous.
5. Experiment with painting on layers of resin.
6. Large molecule painting with photo transferred faces of my friend Teddy on the atoms.
7. "Ingredients" list, molecular structures and physics equations drawn/painted on an object like a baseball bat or coffee pot.
8. Series of daily drawings based on what the first thing someone said to me that day.
9. Found object painted with the scene of where I found it.
10. Making something out of the thousands of old slide-projector slides of my father's.


  1. Arden I like most of your ideas but it would be cool to see either drawing series based on what was said to you that day with tea perhaps and Teddy molecule piece...special guy to have his own atom.

  2. the molecular illustration on an object reminds me of this series:

  3. These are some really interesting ideas. I like the found object idea. Maybe you could somehow incorporate physics and molecules into that too without making it overly busy... or just do both. Because both sound awesome.