Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Project Ideas - Kyle

So far, these are my ideas:
1- A book where the pages open up in 3d, like those children's book where they open the page and something lifts up from the pages.
2- A flip-book where you quickly use your thumb to go through all the pages, I would essentially be making an animation with it.
3- A "character creator". I would set up a simple 2d character model and make several drawn pieces of clothing, character expressions and faces, and the audience can make a character from it. I would probably use magnets or velcro for the pieces to stick.
4- A "comic creator". i would lay down several base panels, along with dry-erase speech bubbles, and several various drawing of characters with different expressions. The audience could then organize these however they want to make their own mini-comic.
5- A 2d piece with several 3d elements sprouting out from it to add depth and shadows, which would show different things based on where the light hits.
6 - a 2d piece with a light bulb behind it that would allow for beams of light to show throuhg specific parts of the artwork.
7 - Some sort of animation, 2d. Could do it on computer, or paper.
8- Something similar to 6, but on black paper and the slider would be used to show different parts of the piece, some viewable while others are swallowed by the shadows.
9- Maybe something involving knights and dragons, with movable elements to add interest.
10- Same concept as 9, with movable pieces within the work, but instead of fantasy it would be sci-fi with ships and such.


  1. I like how the character and comic creator ideas are interactive! Those sound really fun.

  2. I think the flip book idea is interesting, I've always liked those.