Wednesday, November 3, 2010


For the final project I know I want it to have a lot of color.

1. I really liked the book idea where you add things to the pages of a chapter book.

2. make a large portrait made with interesting items like. I think I would do it of a singer I really like.

3. I was also thinking of getting a picture book I used to really like and sort of re create it in n interesting way.

4.Or I could pick out one page(from the picture book) I like and recreate a scene in collage and paint or some other media.

5. Maybe I could get a blank book and fill the pages. I think I would make it have a theme so the pages aren't too random.

6. make something on a puzzle and do something interesting with the puzzle.

7.sculpt something

8. Make an underwater ocean scene

9. A large self-portrait

10. make a christmas scene with lyrics of Christmas songs.


  1. jenny that puzzle idea is baddass, and would turn out totally awesome if you didn't put the whole thing together in the end, or left it partially separated. i like it

  2. I also like the puzzle idea, there are a lot of things you could do with that.

  3. The puzzle idea is really neat. Just the idea would make piece be visually complex. And it would be cool if couple pieces were missing as Steve says to add to the intrigue of piece.