Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Final Ideas

Final Project Ideas:
1. Re-Create collage-head self-portrait study on 30 x 40 paper
2. Create a series of 30-45 minature watercolor drawings as part of a narrative. Drawings will tell a bizzare, non-linear tale
3. Attempt to re-create a live version of a surreal painting on film. Eg: Rene Magritte
4. Juxtapose 3 different perspectives of the same image together. One on film, the second in a photograph and the third as a drawing.
5. A diptych piece that showcases two stages of a still life. One piece would be a drawing and the other would be on film. In drawing, still-life would appear 'whole' while on film the still-life would either be moving 0r detoriating. Either way I want to show a stark contrast in imagery.
6. With the revised 'collage-head' self portrait I wanted to project film footage on paper to make piece seem more alive
7. Present film on my back. I thought it may be cool to project film footage on back as part installation/live-performance piece.
8. Incorporate collage drawing, film and live performance in one. I was thinking of sitting in front of drawing and have both film projection to reflect both on back and on drawing surface at the same time.
9. Create a series of 50-60 minature watercolor and graphite drawings as part of a long narrative. Drawings will tell a bizzare, non-linear tale.
10. Install film as a living painting. I was probably thinking that to have 2 or 3 moving 30-sec images projected on wall. These images would be bordered by an actual frame.


  1. I like your idea with 30-45 water colors. I'd like to hear that story :)
    I also like the collage self-portrait idea.

  2. Thanks Jenny. I am a bit torn between drawing series and self portrait because they both seem really interesting ideas to tackle.