Wednesday, April 27, 2011


This is the URL for our final project "A Silent Conversation" for those that asked for me to post it to the blog


As far as a composition goes, this is great. The bold lettering arched at the top catches the main attention and leads downwards towards the finer information. The symmetry is great as a design, and the implementation of the crest-like eagle with the comb is striking and is a nice take on a very trusted style. Designing by Richard Stewart


Here is a package design taken from the Dieline, and while I can't find the designer responsible, I think it's great. Of course it's 2D because it's printed on a sheet of plastic, but then wrapped to house a loaf of bread so it looks like it is eating the bread, which is obviously great. The crazy look with the cartoon aesthetic gives it a fun approach to attract customers looking for something new/alternative.

If nobody's seen this yet, they should watch it.
It's great inspiration if you enjoy video editing, painting, drawing, street art or anything. It's between Supakitch and his wife Koralie in a now viral video of a mural project, and touches the realms of 2D and 3D.

Justin Maller

Justin is a 25 year old graphic designer who currently lives in Melbourne, Australia. Aside from his personal work, he is also the creative director at depthCORE where he helps do a little bit of everything. You have probably seen some of his work floating around a number of the graphic design blogs.

Craig Shields

Talk about one talented graphic artist. Craig is not only a master of photo manipulation, but he also has the ability to master a variety of styles. While many artists tend to follow a particular style, Craig’s portfolio is filled with a variety of work from photo manipulation to digital illustration.

Karol Kolodzinski

Karol Kolodzinski is a freelance graphic designer who specializes in new media design. His style has earned him some big name clients such as Coca Cola, Ikea, and more. Sound impressive? What if I told you he was only a 20 year old college student in Poland?

"After Rain Arithmetics" by Tomoko Kataoka.

Beautifully delicate lines are carved into the rubber generating expressive designs with ink - what unique quality of handiworks! Try producing such a rubber stamp with a machine.

KAWS - Spongebob Square Pants

Creating the perception of depth in paintings, sketches and photographs is a challenge, one that cannot be completely solved. This is because depth is three dimensional, while a sketch, photographic image or painting is two dimensional. Three dimensional depth cannot physically exist in two dimensions.

Bean Gilsdorf, "Tinker, Tailor"

Line art emphasizes form and outline, over color, shading, and texture. However, areas of solid pigment and dots can also be used in addition to lines. The lines in a piece of line art may be all of a constant width (as in some pencil drawings), of several (few) constant widths (as in technical illustrations), or of freely varying widths (as in brush work or engraving).

Steven Bonner

Line art is any image that consists of distinct straight and curved lines placed against a (usually plain) background, without gradations in shade (darkness) or hue (color) to represent two-dimensional or three-dimensional objects. Line art can use lines of different colors, although line art is usually monochromatic.

Patrick Caulfield

Caulfield's paintings are figurative, often portraying a few simple objects in an interior. Typically, he used flat areas of simple color surrounded by black outline. Some of his works are dominated by a single hue.

Phil Straub

Beautifully illustrated and very interesting article about image composition for creating images by Phil Straub. This image covers rules and principles to follow when you have to design the configuration of objects, lights and environments in an image regardless of the medium you are going to use: 2D illustration, 3D modeling and rendering, drawing.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Torre Agbar

This is the Torre Agbar, a skyscraper in Barcelona, Spain. It was designed by Jean Nouvel and finished in 2005. I'm including it on the blog because of the way it melds 2D and 3D elements. It stands as a stunning piece of architecture by day, but at night it takes on a whole other persona. Built into the facade are 4,500 LED lights, and the building turns into a stunning lightshow. The whole thing is controlled by computer which is able to create 16 million colors and endless patterns of movement. Watch the video!

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Vinyl Toys

Another great use of 2D illustration on a 3D level comes with the greatness of Kid Robot's Munny series. They are essentially blank vinyl toys that can be customized in any way. They're great with paint and paint markers, and some people come up with great looking one-of-a-kind toys for collectors and artists alike. This particular one is by WuzOne

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Jeremy Fish

I think this is relevant to the 2D/3D because of how it utilizes a 2D canvas, but in reality is on a sweatshirt (he does all sorts of apparel design and murals for Upper Playground). He uses a great space and deals with the zipper down the hoodie well, as he keeps it symmetrical. I love his work, and his murals are fantastic as well.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Jean Dubuffet Sculpture

"Welcome Parade" was created by the French artist Jean Dubuffet and is on display
in Manhattan. I thought it was a great example of a combination of 3D and 2D elements. Dubuffet's sculptures were based on doodles he would make while on the phone. They were transformed into monumental sculpture using lightweight materials and vinyl paint. It's interesting how they retain the flatness of the paper, and even though they gain thickness and weight, their material keeps them from becoming heavy.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wow. Yes, "All done with a single stroke of the pen." This piece, copyrighted 1884, by the Publishers, Knowles & Maxim, is absolutely amazing to me. It grabbed me because it is supposedly done with one "line." Now what I think is most intriguing is that with this one line, the artist[s] managed to successfully alter the thickness, around the composition. That's pretty amazing; this also reminded me of the texture piece that Mike turned in where he utilized text to come together and form a depiction of Jesus Christ...Hmmm...outstanding.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Here is a link to an art show featuring Banksy and other street artists.
Many of their pieces have a 3d aspect to them. It is a great technique that makes the viewer see beyond the canvas, specifically the one with the dog peeing and the living room with drawn furniture.

~9-Value Face~

This is a piece constructed by artist Shelly Boyd, from the 2-D Design class of Dawn Black, at Los Medanos College in California. Boyd cut out paper with 9 different values and put together this wonderous self-portrait of herself. This grabbed me because it envoked our processes we learned at the beginning of the semester in regards to Shades & Tints, and the Gray Scale. I think she was very creative in utilizing the different values of the gray scale, incorporating them into her composition of a self-potrait. Seeing as how this piece is compiled of small pieces of paper stacked on eachother, could this be 3-D as well as 2-D?

Monday, April 18, 2011

"United Nations China Monument: Temple of Heaven" Wenda Gu 1993
I learned about this piece in my art history class. It includes a table and chairs and each chair actually has a tv monitor in the seat of the chair. The writings on the wall and ceiling are made of human hair. What appears to be heiroglyphics is on the walls and ceiling with lights passing through them. What is interesting is that the artist is trying to make a statement about the Chinese government at this time. The heiroglyohics on the walls aren't actually characters and do not spell out any words or sentences. The artist is saying that what the government says does not really matter.
this is an installation by an artist name Taratiel. i thought this could be a nice example of an installation that has color and lines added to it.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Line Reproduction

This drawing is called Line Reproduction. The combination of different lines with different withs and paths make an image of a face. The negative space is in the center of the. The picture is interesting because the lines are drawn as a negative space, however the image that are comprised by the lines have negative space on its surround background. The way the artist drew the lines, they form geometric shapes and patterns. The outline of the image is symmetric, but the artist does not execute symmetry within the detail of the line's full composition.

Middle finger by Eddie Platt and Derrick Ayō Logo by Derrick Ayō

This  drawing by Platt uses thin and thick lines to formulate a male with dreads shooting the middle finger. The character provides an emotion of aggravation. From a perspective view, this piece of offers the viewer a strait on view of equal superiority, making the viewer wonder why the character is upset.

This logo by Ayō uses black white and green colors to give this piece an eerie appeal. The dominate Ayō sitting on water in the mid ground, with a half submerge film reel in the background, gives this logo an epic feel. The macron with Derrick embedded in it with black over green and outlined in white, works the viewer through out the logo. Especially, with the white words at the bottom in the foreground, all of this logo is taken in. 

Dawn Ng

Dawn Ng’s installation of paper airplanes was displayed at the Black Out museum in 2009. The repetition of a paper airplane gives the installation a sense of space. The airplanes are installed to give the appearance of them of the planes frozen in mid-flight. The installation in not symmetric, however it demonstrates scale. On the left side of the gathering of paper airplanes, the planes are closely hung. This takes away from the negative space while condensing the paper airplane’s surface area. As the planes progress in their flight, they began to be spaced more. Focusing on the space occupied by the objects, their composition is seen as a gradient scale.


Renee Butler

Movement in B Flat
Screen, silk, mirror, wire triangles & circle, 2 video projections, sound and wooden armature

"Butler’s piece is installation art to its fullest. Provided with an empty office space, she transformed the room into an oasis of color, form and sound. Butler merges what I’ll call representational video imagery (i.e. landscapes, signage, etc) and non-representational video imagery. The various objects hanging from the ceiling serve to illuminate the videos and reflect them to the walls. What results is a Flavin-esque work that uses the walls and surrounding environment as much, if not more, than the “art objects” hanging from the ceiling." (

Barbara Kruger

This is an installation by the artist Barbara Kruger. Here she creates a total environment by covering every wall. It combines 2D and 3D elements by utilizing graphics and text and using them to define the room. The viewer is supposed to create their own meaning as a result of the visual cues. I think it's very interesting how the lines of text wrap up to the ceiling, forcing the viewer to get into some awkward positions in order to read the work.

Monday, April 11, 2011

stairs, and ladder sidewalk art

These are pictures of 2 dimensional drawings, that gives of a feeling of 3 dimensional art. I am really drawn to these pieces because of their use of line and use of negative space. I think that these images correlate well with the concept of what we are working on for our final project.

Crow By Rio

This is an eerie photo. The eerie feel is expressed through the flock of black birds in the background. The black coat, and red shirt adds to eerie expression of the character.  The eyes dripping blood on the fingertips of the adds a realistic feel to the image. The crow on the shoulder show that the flock in the background does the bidding of the one in the middle.

Sunday, April 10, 2011

impossible art

The artist is a guy named Li Wei. I real like this picture because its a really cool optical illusion. It does not really correlate with what we are working on for our final project but the picture just grabs my attention and I felt I had to post it.

Monday, April 4, 2011

continuous_line by John Gushe

This work by Gushe, uses one line to create three band members.Gushe was able create, implies shapes of a microphone, guitar, and saxophone. The work also expels joy, with the use of curvy lines. The compounded lines draws the viewer  to the hands of each characters. The space between each character, makes the viewer have to take in each character one at a time.

Sunday, April 3, 2011


This is an interesting piece by artist Claire Morgan. (When looking at bird's eye view) She creates the illusion of a flat, 2d plane by using strawberries. But below, now viewed as a 3d plane, there's a bird that's falling to the ground causing a disturbance to the plane itself. Seems like it traveled through different dimensions and was dropped into our own reality.
this is an installation from a landscape of Mario Bros. by Antoinette J. Citizen. this is a nice example for a 2D 3D 4D installation since the question box are interactive

3D wall paintings by Julian Beever.

Dude also does alot of work with 3D sidwalk art as seen below, but here he uses simple designs within a subway, along corners and floors to project dimension. Pretty awesome stuff. Also, he does an amazing job of making an object that he's painted on two different surfaces, seem like one large flat image.

Jane McAdam Freud

Jane McAdam Freud was born February 24, 1958 in London, England, where she still currently lives. She is the great-granddaughter of psychoanalyst Sigmund Freud. Jane has stated her influences include Duchamp and Magritte, Kapoor and Kosuth, and Sigmund Freud and post Freudian psychoanalytic concepts. Jane studied at Wimbledon College of Art, Central St. Martins School of Art and Design and the Royal College of Art. She won the British Art Medal Scholarship in Rome in 1986

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Hole in the ground illusion

This is a Sidewalk Chalk drawing by Julian Beever. The piece is and illusion and really makes you think that the people have fell in a hole in the sidewalk. The piece will only look this way from a certain angle. The fact that there is an actual person in the piece just sells the idea more that there is really a hole in the ground.This artist has several pieces like this that focus on illusion and make you question is it real.

Line - Iain Macarthur

This is an artist I really, really love. His use of line adds a huge amount of character and style to his illustrations with cross-hatching, organic forms and beautiful detail that adds a huge amount of interest to his works. They're truly beautiful, and while he does have work in color, his ability to capture moods and ideas simply with ink and pencil on paper and digitally is fantastic.
-Large Rotating Cardboard Box With 2D Images on each face
-Room Sized SpiderWeb with giant projected spider in corner
-Mixed Mural Painting with 3D object blended in
-Egg crate painting
-Some sort of vertical wall divider separating a sculpture in half
-Giant Flat Head on wall spewing random objects, possibly hanging from ceiling
-3D paper cut outs
-Half Mural Half Sculpture
-Cover An entire wall with objects, leaving only blank space where an image outline may be
-Literally Build a Rocket Ship

All the final project ideas I have received so far:

1 images of a guitar player playing differnent Strums with music playing in the background
2 white outfits with white chucks painted with some design to be presented separately or together
3 full body "henna" tattoos
4 life-size installation in the park (dinosaur)
5 life-size designs of people in the park (sculpture or 2-d)
6 sculpture of a guy sitting on a roof
7 hanging mirrors
8 mirrors angled and a picture for repeating reflection
9 giant comic book
10 flip book animation with background sounds
1. the use of multiple umbrellas. painting an image on the underside of the umbrella, and spreading them out to create a whole image, or idea. maybe hanging them somewhere
2. projecting an image on to a unique surface
3. going to the woods and painting a row of trees, so when one takes a step back all of the trees together create a 2d image
4. pile random objects together in a way that when light is casted onto the pile it creates a perfect image on to a wall, and giving you an A+ in the class.
5. tvs, phones, computers, etc. electronics
6. do something with the evolution of computers. 1st gen, physical machine. 2nd gen. touch screen, flat surface. 3rd. gen. virtual reality
7. build a structure out of cardboard and apply images of the structure built onto the cardboard making the flat images give the structure a false 3rd dimension feel
8. a series of beads on long string hanging down side by side creating a a flat layer, then painting the beads so that when one steps back there's an image.
9. painting the walls in a room of a place somewhere else in the world, or even a fictional setting.
10. filling up an entire room with printed files, images, binary code, everything that can represent a harddrive of a computer. then to give the viewer the feeling he or she is inside the the harddrive of a computer, using a very nontraditional way of showing it

1-"Life Underwater"= This would include 3-D objects (like fish, coral, etc.) hanging from the ceiling, and maybe us acting out a scene from a movie or possibly doing a skit.

2- "Action 'Planter' Jackson=This idea consists of action figures set in different poses tending a garden; some 3-D and 2-D...

3-"It's a nice day for a, White Wedding"= A wedding altar with a bride and groom would kneeling down made out of leggos.

4-"Ohhh Baby!"= A baby's room with secret passageways disguised as clusters of stars on all the walls and in the floor, to represent how having a child is like being transported to another world. I.E., Erykah Badu choosing "Merkaba" as her third daughters middle name. Toys or other child necessities could be held in the "portals".

5-"Chaotic Rage Mode"= A room where every surface is covered in destruction as a means of release of anger. Smashed plates, flinging paint, condiments, broken mirrors, etc...

6-"Skyline, Mine"= This would consist of 3-D cardboard boxes made to look like the buildings in Atlanta (Seen from our classrom). We are trying to make it seem as if the buildings actually portrude through the windows, and continue into the classroom...What a perspective! :)

7-"To be, or not to be"= An idea of decorating a wall inside one of our Art classrooms like the stage of a theatre; Maybe have 3-D curtains hanging down, and drawings to give a 2-D look to the stage/backstage. I was thinking we could maybe even act out a scene from a play, or show/project a movie on the wall...

8-"Poses"= This would consist of 2-D Drawings of human beings in different poses, with maybe a 2-D image turning into a 3-D image. (For example, maybe have the lower half of a body drawn onto the page, and use the upper half of an actual human body...Kinda like the body was "coming at you", or off of the page...

9-"Landscape escape"= this would be a mural of different landscapes (2-D) containing 3-D images like trees, rocks, sand, etc...Pretty much a display of different kinds of terrain, i.e. attempting to give one the feeling of "hanging from a cliff" & or "standing on a beach" at the same time...

10-"Fashion Extraction"= A highlight of changes in fashion trends throughout time; utilizing different kinds of clothes/wardrobes from different "eras", throughout the US specifically...Will contain 2-D & 3-D images, with possible 4-D "fusions" (play a clip from a movie, music of that specific time period, etc.)

Sky- Clouds, sounds of birds, background of sky

Galaxy- balls hanging down, background of stars

set up house- like pictures of chairs and lights etc.

mario- set up scene of game with back drop and actual images

forest- trees, animal noises, pics of animals

cubical- set up office with cardboard

garden- flowers on background and actual flowers on floor and hanging from ceiling

desert- background of sand and sun, cactus on floor with sand blowing noises

ocean- background of see sound of water, boat on floor

marta- have train on background, have chair sitting waiting and images of people standing

-walk-in experience

-some kinds of hanging objects





-something using the classroom window

-LED project

-pop your head in box

-computer animation

1. Light and shadow display using tin foil and wires.

2. morphing illusion


3. Hands with strings coming out like lightening. Derrick calls this Kamayamaya.

4. Scale cut outs that are images of their own, placed at intervals so that the shadow of the collective
makes a final image. Something like the 2 men sitting, but with a series of 2 D pictures.

5. Projected image project of some sort. Undefined at this point.

6. Hidden 3D object. A 3D object placed in front of a 2D image and then painted to blend into it. Like

7. Light as solid object. Imaging a table or chair or something, with maybe an image painted onto it. But
the legs of the furniture are highly focused beams of light instead of solid material.

8. Projection onto talking bust. This is a pretty cool illusion where you project an image of someone
talking onto a 3D head. We were thinking of using a mannequin head or wig holder. **

9. Moving corridor. 4 conveyor belts (smaller scale) with scrolling images painted onto them forming a
corridor that you can look down giving the illusion that you are traveling down a road.

10. A powerful spotlight with an image cut into the beam, something like the Bat Signal.

11. Lamp with a rotating shade, with images cut out so that light objects chase across the walls. Mount
a real box onto the wall, then put a non-moving solid piece behind the shade so it appears that the light
objects run into the box, then out again. **

Friday, April 1, 2011

Matthew and Michael final project ideas

1 images of a guitar player playing differnent Strums with music playing in the background
2 white outfits with white chucks painted with some design to be presented separately or together
3 full body "henna" tattoos
4 life-size installation in the park (dinosaur)
5 life-size designs of people in the park (sculpture or 2-d)
6 sculpture of a guy sitting on a roof
7 hanging mirrors
8 mirrors angled and a picture for repeating reflection
9 giant comic book
10 flip book animation with background sounds


"Monogram" is one of Robert Rauschenberg's most famous combines. As you can see, he "combined" 2D and 3D elements to create some very unique pieces. The 3D elements (the goat and the tire) have been painted, which adds a 2D feature. The base is also has different 2d parts, such as signs, paint, and other pictures. In a way, he created a sculpture on top of a collage. The piece is meant to be experienced in 360 degrees, so there are many different ways of looking at it.