Sunday, April 17, 2011

Middle finger by Eddie Platt and Derrick Ayō Logo by Derrick Ayō

This  drawing by Platt uses thin and thick lines to formulate a male with dreads shooting the middle finger. The character provides an emotion of aggravation. From a perspective view, this piece of offers the viewer a strait on view of equal superiority, making the viewer wonder why the character is upset.

This logo by Ayō uses black white and green colors to give this piece an eerie appeal. The dominate Ayō sitting on water in the mid ground, with a half submerge film reel in the background, gives this logo an epic feel. The macron with Derrick embedded in it with black over green and outlined in white, works the viewer through out the logo. Especially, with the white words at the bottom in the foreground, all of this logo is taken in. 

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