Tuesday, November 2, 2010

10 possible project ideas

10 Project Ideas-

1. Make a film

2. Make an animation film

3. Take an old guitar and break it up and paint on the body

4. Large scale collage

5. More velvet paintings (maybe with cheetos)

6. Doing something with a book looks cool.

7. Painting a scene on a lamp shade

8. Painting a mural in a toilet

9. Painting a scene on silk

10. Gut an old T.V. and painting something to fit inside and do something with lights inside of it.


  1. Painting on sinks, toilet, and TVs sounds really interesting. Do you know what kind of scene you would paint yet?
    The cheeto idea sounds so fun!

  2. Chuck that mural in a toilet idea is simply the best. Please do that!

  3. And another thing is that this idea speaks monuments about art in it of itself..it is sort of a damning critique on the current state and direction of modern art. Who is ultimately responsible in deciding what is considered valuable? If you study art history---all of the greats we celebrate and idolize today..Picasso, Courbet, Monet, and so forth were demonized and castrated by the art community of their day..taste of what constitutes good is very fickle and who is to say that this is not art--just as Marcel Duchamp declared a ready-made toilet as art.

  4. Yes! I love the mural in the toilet idea. Definitely there with Yanique on it too.