Monday, October 4, 2010

"Toonin' with Neckelodeon" by Jeffrey 'CHAMBA' Cruz

(Sorry, I can't link the direct image file because it is a large image that takes up A LOT of space)

This piece by cartoonist Jeffrey Cruz does a great job of showing both color and composition. The series of characters from the channel "Nickelodeon" are incredibly varied and have lots of different personalities and designs. Cruz has effectively arranged each character and matched their respective character in a color palette that shows off all of them equally in a triangular setup. This image is strengthened by the sheer volume of different characters and color differentiation between them. The entire picture has a very warm feel to it, as if it was inviting you to look into it more or to go back and to watch the shows presented.

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  1. dude this shit is fucking awesome, most of these characters were my favorites back in the day, i watched each and everyone of these shows religiously and have spent a lot of time looking for dvd collections, some of which are available online. super nostalgic