Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Fruits of Labor

In the GSU's Art Gallery I had seen an Art piece by Melissa Johns, Titled "Fruits of Labor". I was astounded by her work.
She is conveying a message about the pleasantry process of Labor. Although realistically no woman i know would think of the process of labor to be pleasant in anyway but Melissa Johns looks at it from a different perspective, she views the positive side of it which is a child...whom she is referring to as "Fruit". I personally really liked her point of view towards this natural process.

What I loved about her work is the detail. she is very precise with it. She uses different fabrics (i.e. cotton, silk, velvet) and she stitches them all together. then she did embroidery on each piece she stitched together. The use of fabrics and thread embroidery gives the piece very feminine look, which goes perfectly with the theme. Her colors, Red, orange, Gold were also complimenting her theme of labor.
What I enjoyed is that she took different fabrics but she cut them the same rectangular shape, she uses different texture of fabrics but their color are from the same family color, she does different embroidery but the size of it is the same. I like how she was thoughtful and creative with the similarities and the differences, she really kept a balance. Almost as if she was contrasting the same picture.

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