Sunday, December 11, 2011

the end

For my last blog post I decided to acknowledge the work of the street artist know as Bansky. The notoriously secretive artist from the UK has continued to shock, amaze and even offend many people with his simple and approachable yet profound images and messages.
Street art is a new generation of art using stencils, stickers, paint and sculptures to make a mark or even just liven up a big, blank, ugly wall, but the only problem is that it’s illegal. It is known as vandalism and the brave people who take the risk of committing a crime for the sake of art, must do so in late hours with the law on their back.
Using 3D buildings and walls of all sorts as his canvas, Banksy creates 2D images with messages that he allows his audience respect and accept or pass by like any old billboard we see daily.

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