Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Grey Scale assignment

Here is an example of a 9-step grey scale. Your assignments will be 9-steps with white at one end and black at the other end. "Middle grey" will be the fifth step. Each one of your steps will be a 1x1" painted bristol square mounted on a 9x12" bristol paper. You will be graded on consistency from step to step, in other words the value change from step 3 to 4 is the same amount of value change from step 4 to 5. You will also be graded on craftsmanship (squares are actually square, straight, clean cutting, no glue visible, paint is smooth and even, no smudge marks, etc.)
The same grading criteria applies to the monochrome scale, complemetary scale and color wheel.
We will have our first in-progress critique on these 4 assignments Tuesday September 7.

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