Sunday, September 12, 2010

Color Interpretations

Here are a couple of examples of paintings that had great use of the color wheel palette in acrylic, photography and installation format:

"The Actor Hezekiah Washington as Julian Carlton Taliesen Murderer Frank Lloyd Wright Family"
2009 acrylic on pvc (Kerry James Marshall)

In this Kerry James Marshall piece he uses the colors: red, yellow and green to dramatically punctuate the darkness of portrait. Though colors are in background they seem to jump out at you more than the portrait of man in foreground. This play of color creates the sense that man is trying to hide or disappear but is unable to and the title of painting also makes piece even more mysterious.

"From Here I Saw What Happened and I Cried", 1995-96, C-print with sandblasted text on glass (Carrie Mae Weems)
Carrie Mae Weems monochrome photograph is very interesting. Her use of the color blue coupled with the portrait of woman had a beautiful sadness to it. Each layer of blues in many ways deepen that layer of empathy that image evokes.

"Think with the Senses, Feel with the Mind" Acrylic latex wall paint, colored pigment on wall (Odili Donald Odita)
In African artist Odili Donald Odita his use of the color wheel palette in his wall installations are simply stunning. He makes these simple colors to feel ultra chic and modern. Even though colors are fused together by its design he maintains color's pure integrity. Its very cool.

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