Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Next Project Application Phase

-Among the 6 you must have at least 2 only collage and 2 only painted ones (the remaining 2 are your choice of collage or painted and you are allowed to incorporate both).
-Also among the 6, you must have 1 composition in a circle frame, 1 in a square frame and 1 in a rectangle frame. The remaining 3 are your choice.
-Among the 6, you must incorporate at least 4 different color relationships from the website. And again, only 6 colors total per composition.
- Each project will be turned in on full size (that fits in your clear sleeves) bristol board. So if you do a circle or square composition, you may either draw the shape onto the final board or you may make in on a separate piece of bristol board and mount it onto another one. Remember that craftsmanship counts.
- Do visual research!!!! See what other artists have done successfully. See what other artists have done unsuccessfully.
- For these projects you are allowed to explore texture, so the paint does not have to be completely flat and even like in the previous assignments. However, make sure that it WORKS visually and conceptually. Be able to defend your decisions.
- Do thumbnails and sketches. Sketching in color as well as pencil can save you a lot of time and money in the end.
- These are compositional studies only. We don’t want any representational images. For example, if you were illustrating the word “sad”, don’t draw a picture of a person crying, but rather an abstract composition in which both the layout AND the color evoke a feeling of sadness. The same thing goes for the collages. We’re going for abstract studies here, not scenes.
-Bring all your painting supplies
-Bring collage materials (magazines, newspaper, glue sticks). I’ll bring the magazine stack that I brought in before, but you may want more.
-Bring in 10 thumbnails of both emotions (20 total) and 4 sketches of each (8 total)
-BE READY TO START WORKING RIGHT AWAY. We have our in progress crit on these on Thursday the 30th.

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