Monday, January 24, 2011

Color Shades

This image uses different shades of the primary color blue, or possibly even cyan. It shows that through the use of subtractive color mixing you can create an image with just one color. This is a nice example of how the color scale can be transformed into a painting, an image. This can almost be looked at as a baby step, or a transition into using the color wheel at is full potential.

This second photo, however, shows the use of complimentary colors. This is obviously more detailed, using much more variations of the color palette. This image is created from many different solid colors, and different shades as well as different tones of each. In addition, complimentary colors are used to create dimension. The blue part of the face contrasts with the peach side of the face because blue and orange are compliments of each other. And peach is a variation of orange.

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