Monday, January 31, 2011

primay color art and gray scale art

Penguins in Color By Laura Grisham  is a painting using Watercolor, India Ink Glue, and Metalic Gold On Watercolor Paper. She uses of shades and blends of primary colors with unnatural contour and and actual lines to form the penguins and the background. the piece is abstract, but not to a high degree.

Wolf by Sarah Cummings

This piece is acrylic on canvas. The artists uses only neutral colors and going from dark to light. It yields a high degree of abstractness, with only contour lines of acrylic blotches. She also uses a lot of acrylic as the piece seems to rising off the canvas. And, with the white blotch in the center of the area that looks like the head of the wolf, the image seems to look at you.

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