Saturday, October 22, 2011

A Conversation With Myself Part I

I came across this self portrait (photography) and it captured my attention in first sight. On Flickr I was able to find more self images of the artist. I found Hani Amir's style very unique and interesting. what i found most interesting about his photography is that he uses natural lights, natural poses and as less use of Photoshop as possible. he says "I can use the make the light burst on Photoshop but where's the fun in it?" I like his attitude towards artificial effects.
In this picture Amir uses mirror to get the reflection of other half of his face, he tilts the neck and sets the camera in such angle that in one shot taken with tripod gives the image of two people in which one of them is victim and the other one is potential killer but it's the same person.
I love the subject matter of the photo, something i can personally relate to. Cherry on the icing is the perfect lighting and use of complimentary colors(Blue & Orange) with black. Even though he used complimentary colors it doesn't give an extreme highlight and they are not "in your face" there is so much black that it takes over the colors. personally I am fond of black in most of my work because of the power of the color, so in every way i Love this self-portrait of Hani Amir.

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