Friday, March 25, 2011

an amazing line maze can leave you in a blind daze as if you were suddenly placed in outter space...

This is a line drawing, said to be a way to express thoughts and feelings through maze line drawing, artist Steven J Natanson proclaims... I think this is a display of superb execution of the construction of a line drawing. I feel this artist (in compiling lines to form a maze) explored many different types and shapes of lines, from a simple "thin" line to a complex "curvy", thicker lines that possess more character. Give this guy a hand clap! I'm also intrigued by the many shapes this piece contains; it's always neat to know that lines can make shapes...any shape you want it to! And with a different perspective, like turning the piece upside down, the lines may even make a shape you don't intent them to make!

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