Sunday, November 27, 2011

Craig Paul Nowak

"I paint to show my audience what they most often take for granted, that which can not be seen, only felt. And in doing this, I must remain open to infinite possibilities because with limitations comes slow yet immanent demise. Just as well, the use of a single method and medium remains an insufficient means of discussing a complex binary such as that of yin and yang, or in this case, the connection between a man’s soul and the man himself." -Craig Paul Nowak
This Piece by Craig Paul Nowak is a self portrait on a full book shelf. The use of a common house hold structure as his canvas allows him to build or take apart a connecting piece. If three books were removed, the image would not be the same and if the books were rearranged, a viewer may never know that it was a portrait at all to begin with.

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