Monday, November 28, 2011

Rebecca Sawyer

Altered Book Artist Rebecca Sawyer Interview

Sawyer sums up her idea for a altered book with drawers and niches in this explanation she gave in an interview:
"I started creating altered book and mini albums after painstakingly digging through our family genealogy. It was then that I realized, how important it is to document our current times with photos and bits and pieces of everyday ephemera. I have been on a 10-year quest to help others to preserve their precious memories in a safe, fun, and interactive environment."

Her books are definitely interesting and interactive. It ups the ante on just a regular scrapbook, while making it more original and interesting. Though the process is extremely time consuming, Sawyer says her biggest struggling what getting over the fact that it is a book, and cutting it up goes against what she's always been taught. I can definitely relate to this, because painting the first page of my book for class was heart wrenching!

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